Advantages of using an independent device facility (PMC)

1. Pacemaker Monitoring Center will maintain patient care and decrease loss of follow-up for patients who are in Nursing homes or are winter residents.

2. With the exception of in-office visits, all follow-up is scheduled by PMC and all missed appointments or transmissions are promptly rescheduled by PMC as well.

3. Patient location changes, phone numbers and address changes are the responsibility of PMC. The physician’s office is notified of all changes for their records.

4. For patients with Remote follow-up devices, alerts on these devices may occur several times during the 90-day follow-up period. Monitoring for these alerts is not reimbursable. The alerts will be monitored by PMC and the report is then transmitted to physicians for proper action.

5. Because scheduled checks are maintained, the patient is not lost to follow-up and revenue to the clinic improves.

6. Professional resources in the physician’s office can be more effectively utilized for direct patient care, not taking time scheduling, rescheduling or seeing patients who can otherwise be checked at home.

7. Follow-up for the elderly or home bound patient will be maintained.

Remote follow up is done through a secure Internet connection and a small device positioned on the patient’s nightstand. Typically at night, the interrogation is sent through the device to our computers. The information obtained from the remote download is analyzed, reviewed and culminated into a concise report which is forwarded to the patient’s cardiologist.