Remote Defibrillator (ICD) / Pacemaker (IPG) Monitoring

Remote follow up is done through a secure Internet connection and a small device positioned on the patient’s nightstand. Typically at night, the interrogation is sent through the device to our computers. The information obtained from the remote download is analyzed, reviewed and culminated into a concise report which is forwarded to the patient’s cardiologist.

Transtelephonic Monitoring (TTM)

The TTM procedure consists of a phone call to the patient that results in the procurement of three electrocardiograms; two real time and one magnet test mode for checking sensing, pacing and battery life. The electrocardiograms are obtained through a small transmitter box that relays the patient’s normal heart rhythms and implanted device data to the technician’s computer. After analysis, the report is processed and forwarded to the patient’s cardiologist for interpretation.